NailsBooker App (FREE)
NailsBooker is part of NailsPOS, designed for Smart Phone so Owners, Technicians and Customers can schedule appointments anywhere.
Before using NailsBooker, the salon owner needs to Register with NailsPOS first
and use NailsPOS account to Login to NailsBooker.
* Shop owners can use NailsBooker to manage their salon on their phone.
* Workers can use NailsBooker to schedule appointments and view their total work per day or pay cycle.
* Customer can use NailsBooker to book appointments, give feedback, sign in, or view promotions of the salon...etc.

*** Note:
- Technician must be given a User Name & Password by Owner in NailsPOS, in Admin/Add Employee, then use it to log in to NailsBooker.
- After Customer Sign-in into NailsPOS at the salon, the system will automatically create an Account for the customer with User Name is the Guest's phone number and Password is 1111, Guests can change Password after logging in NailsBooker.
- Customer can also self-register in NailsBooker to become a member of a salon.
- NailsBooker can also connect to the salon's Web site for customers to make an appointment.
*** Owner's instruction, how to:
1 - Download NailsBooker App
2 - Book appointment
3 - Send SMS to customers
4 - Choose Customer's types
5 - Advertise store's promotion
6 - Post store policy and notification
7 - Post new Nail Designs
8 - Turn on/off features in Customer's App
9 - Not allow Technician & Customer book online
10 - Check in cutomer to Technician, check out
11 - All features of NailsBooker
*** Technician's instruction:
Video instructs Technician to use NailsBooker
*** Customer's instruction:
1 - Sign in on Phone
2 - Book Appointment
3 - View promotion from salon
4 - Refer friends
5 - Feedback
6 - View nail designs from salon